There’s a reason you listen to Metallica when you’re doing Crossfit. It’s the same reason you listen to raindrops when you’re doing yoga. It’s because music has a powerful influence on mood, so powerful it can actually elicit a physiological response.

But as a learning writer, I had always assumed that music would be a distraction, that it would deaden my ability to hear my character’s voice, or make it harder to find the right words to explain a setting. I couldn’t have been more wrong: listening music can actually make you a better writer. I have Spotify to thank for that discovery.

According to Susan Perry, “Music often comes up when writers talk about flow, as though somehow this particular sense has become associated with fluid writing.”

If you want to read more, follow me over to the rest of my guest post at The Write Practice. This site gets over 300,000 visitors a month and is chock full of great articles and exercises to help you grow as a writer.

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