If you’re like me, you love writing. And…you hate it. Sometimes at the same time. We writers are full of contradictions when it comes to writing. We savor our alone time, yet we want to be loved by our peers. We want to create art, yet we want to be on the bestseller lists.

Many of us are like Dorothy Parker, who famously quipped, “I hate writing, I love having written.” We of course have our reasons for wanting to be writers. And most of them are wrong.

What if I told you that having the right reason to write makes all the difference? What if I told you that having the right reason to write could make you a better writer and a happier person?

You’d say, “Snake oil!” And then you’d ask in a hushed voice, “Just in case I was wondering, what is the right reason to write?”

If you want to know the answer, follow me over to The Write Practice where I finish this guest blog and join in the always lively conversation.

If you’re not familiar with Joe Bunting’s website The Write Practice, you’re missing out. They’ve got tons of great articles and exercises and get over 300,000 views every month from aspiring writers like you and me! Plus, they have me guest blogging for them. Can’t be too bad, right? Okay, don’t answer that.

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