Check out my newest Flipboard Magazine! I’ve collected over 30 articles from various sources featuring famous writers talking about writing. You’ve seen articles like “10 Writing Tips From Hemingway,” or “Neil Gaiman’s 8 Writing Practices” right? Well, they’re all here. Everyone from Neil Gaiman to Margaret Atwood to Ernest Hemingway to Elmore Leonard and everyone in between. This is a definitive collection of the “10 best writing tips” from the best writers around. (And it’s super cool to flip through.)

In case you’re wondering, Flipboard is an amazing new content discovery/ curation/ social sharing tool that allows users to “curate” magazines and share them. It’s a pretty amazing tool. Just click and enjoy!

(FYI- You don’t have to sign up for anything. Just click and flip. To read the articles, click on the headlines. To turn pages, click on the arrows, or swipe if you have a touchscreen.)

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