Two Types of Story Problems And Why You Need to Know Them

Whether you like to plan out your stories first, or whether your "story" is something you discover after your first draft, being able to identify what kind of story problem you are exploring is a critical step in refining and focusing your narrative. It's also a great...

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3 Powerful Structural Formulas Children’s Writers Must Know

What if I told you the structure of your story is already written and that all you had to do was fill-in-the-blanks? Sound too good to be true? It is. Kind of. While storytelling is never this easy, Eve Heidi Bine-Stock's analysis of storytelling strategies comes as...

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Are You a Plotter or Pantser and Does it Matter?

Plotter? Panster? Planster? When I first started writing, I was really obsessed with getting it right. I thought there was a right way and a wrong way to write. So I spent a lot of time reading about how the best writers do it. And it turns out, they do it in as many...

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